MiXXX is an open source, free software package similar to SAM and Virtual DJ

Is compatible with most streaming servers and any broadcast stream using Shoutcast 1 or Icecast protocals.
See related web sites for more info.
I have personally started with SAM then found more comfort with VDJ (Virtual DJ) but recently came across this free package and thought I’d give it a try and share my thoughts.

Personal feelings – I’ll never use SAM again, Spacial has gone overboard with their pricing model and the try to sell you everything program – I don’t care for that approach so out of principal I’m done with SAM. Still partial to VDJ but I have to say, I’m kinda liking this Mixxx. It does work with both Windows and Mac OS and best of all it’s FREE — Who doesn’t like free? If you’re new to broadcasting, I would for sure take a look before spending an any commercial products out there. Great platform to learn on, has all the features of a commercial product and much to explore and learn. So don’t be afraid to play and test – also would make a great backup platform as I’ve had both SAM and VDJ get moody on me right before a show and that’s no fun ever. Compared to some of the other free broadcast software out there, this one has all the toys.

Mixx Main Screen

Once you’ve got it installed (and for sure read below as there is an extra step I’ll explain before you can use it) Make sure you hit ctrl+P to open the preferences window – this will allow you to enter your server info and make any other adjustments for your set up. Please note, you may have to also click the top tab for sound settings to set you mic, headphones and speakers but it’s a simple drop down and choose.


  1. Download MiXXX https://www.mixxx.org/
    Click ‘download’ and choose the package best for you
  2. Run the install program fully – DO NOT start MiXXX yet.
  3. Download the libmp3lame 3.99.5 plug-in (allows for MP3 broadcasting)
    *** MAC OS users use: https://download.cnet.com/LAME-Audio-Encoder/3000-2140_4-51042.html
  4. Unzip and place the files in the MiXXX folder
    (usually c:\program files\Mixxx\ )
  5. Start the mix program!

Mixxx is open source and free to download and use – however, the Lame encoder is needed for it to work on MAC OS or Windows and needs to be downloaded and installed also. It too is free, however, it doesn’t belong to Mixxx so cannot be packaged together… So make sure you run steps 2,3 & 4 before you start Mixxx or tigers will eat you and bad things will happen! (OK, not really, it just won’t work!)

——————————————- Using Mixxx with Shoutcast & AutoDJ Systems ———————-

In most cases, entering username and password on the connections tab will work as any other program

If attempting to log in to a Centova system using MiXXX – especially ones using AutoDJ and you receive a log in error
Change your log in credentials as follows:
User = username
Password = username:password

See https://www.mixxx.org/ or https://www.mixxx.org/manual/latest/en/
for program documentation, tutorials and support.

In short, I like it and think it’s worth the download. Have a try and most of all, have fun!

DJ Anttone